Monday, 7 July 2014

King Clan

                            The King Clan

The king clan was created by Ace the king. The clan comes from Canada. Ace the king created this clan for glory and happiness. Ace the king holds this clan perfect does not let the clan fall and tremble. The clan is well known to live.

       Members                                               Clan Signature

    King¦Acetheking Owner rank
King¦OPDude Honoured rank
King¦xlrben Clan Guard Rank
King¦Stanley Clan Guard rank
King¦notbasedbob Clan Commands owner rank.
How to apply:
Fill out the requirements:
In game name|
Name with clan tag|
What rank would you like|
Do you agree with the terms of policy?|
This is a important requirement.
Be nice have skills don't be rude show courage and responsibility. Be nice to your peers or be kicked out of the clan and be on the punishment list and faker list.

Welcome to the kings!

Welcome to the king clans official blog. Do not swear, this is a good environment to be in. We respect all.

                                                 Our clan's Signature

List of members
Honorary members: